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St Thomas’ Church

St Thomas’ Church   has served the parish of Woolton Hill for more than 160 years. In addition to services on Sundays, at festivals and for schools – many have celebrated the happiest moments of their lives at St Thomas’, at weddings, christenings and confirmations. It has also been a place where comfort and peace have been found in times of sadness or difficulty. The church also has often been a venue for concerts, village events and groups.


The challenge…   Our first priority is the re-roofing, the heating system in the church has reached the end of its life, and despite work in recent years it no longer adequately heats the church, in addition the running expenses of the old oil fired system are very high and likely to increase further. Other essential maintenance is also needed.


The plan…    Following the re-roofing, our research has shown that the most effective, efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat the church would be to install underfloor heating. This work would require a new floor; creating the opportunity to level the floor, thus providing easy access for all and making the space flexible for use for worship, groups, concerts and community events. We believe it is time to take this opportunity and reimagine the interior arrangement of the church to ensure it also is fit for purpose.


What next?    This part of the Living Stones Project is in the early stages. In anticipation of this work the church community has begun raising funds and, to date (December 2015) we have raised just over £137,000.

…the hard work continues with…

…fundraising, applying for grants and obtaining formal tenders for the work. 


Small print!

The care and upkeep of St Thomas’ Church and Woolton Hill Church Hall are the responsibility of Woolton Hill Parochial Church Council who set up The Living Stones Appeal.


Woolton Hill Church Hall

Woolton Hill Church Hall  has provided a facility within our village for more than 100 years and during that time it has been, and continues to be, well used. Currently it provides a home for Woolton Hill Pre-School, the Village Market, Brownies, Rainbows, local clubs and societies, Zumba, private parties, Sunday Club, church youth group and many other events.

It is also used as the local polling station for local and general elections.

We are delighted that refurbishment of the hall is now complete, you can see the photographs here.




Living Stones at Woolton Hill

   foundations for the future


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